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Imagine being able to train with a person who was a former Junior College All-American, former NCAA Division I basketball player, a former pro basketball player, and current college basketball referee...

That sounds like something straight out of "build-a-player" mode on NBA 2k!

Well that's exactly what Coach Marcus is, and that is exactly what makes him such a "unicorn" when it comes to basketball player development.

Not only has he played at some of the highest levels of basketball, but he is also a REAL basketball official at the college level. There is emphasis on "REAL" because many coaches/trainers make the claim that "they ref," but are not ACTIVELY officiating basketball at the college level or higher.

This makes a world of difference because Coach Marcus literally has the "cheat codes" when it comes to understanding exactly what players need to be working on in order to play basketball at the highest levels of high school & college basketball.

Imagine having the luxury of knowing EXACTLY what you need to spend your time working on in order to put yourself in the best position to be successful at the high school & college basketball levels.

As a former player, Coach Marcus accomplished many milestones during his basketball journey that have helped him become a profound player development coach. Some of those accomplishments include the following:

  • Setting a single-season scoring record as a senior at Mesa High School (Mesa, Arizona)
  • Averaged 25ppg as a Senior at Mesa High School
  • All-City & All-Region 1st Team honors as a Senior at Mesa High School, along with All-State Honors
  • McDonald’s All-American Nominee as a high school senior
  • Inducted into the Mesa High School Athletic Hall-of-Fame
  • Averaged 25ppg as a Sophomore at South Mtn. Community College (Phoenix, Arizona)
  • Leading Scorer in the nation (25ppg) as a Sophomore at South Mountain CC
  • 3rd Team NJCAA All-American Honors as a Sophomore at SMCC
  • Inducted into the South Mountain CC Basketball Hall-of-Fame
  • Recruited by many Top 25 Division I & Mid-Major Divison I basketball programs
  • Earned an athletic scholarship to a Division I University, Florida Int’l University located in Miami, FL
  • Played professionally in Mexico after his collegiate basketball career (Pro career ended with an ACL tear in left knee)
  • Current NCAA College Basketball Referee


Coach Marcus pushed my son to get better, and it's like night & day. Deven's confidence is through the roof, he's finally got that chip on his shoulder that he has needed in order to stop anybody in front of him and he is no longer intimidated. I'm proud to say that Coach Marcus is a huge reason why my son was able to earn a college basketball scholarship to the University of Mary. He really is an amazing coach!

I don't think there is any question that Marcus is, out of all the coaches that I've been around, he's as good at teaching the fundamentals as anybody I've ever seen. I would back Marcus in wherever he would want to go, whatever he would want to do. As long as my son is playing basketball, I want my son to stay with Marcus for as long as Marcus will him, I want Aric to stay with Marcus to keep learning this sport.

Even with only a couple of sessions in Myles has been going hard in his basketball training sessions. He has shown great stride not only at ball handling but his overall attitude. Self-confidence is such a key factor in young men today. If the mind isn't strong the body isn't strong. I realize that Coach Marcus not only is training and developing my son to be a great athlete, but he is also teaching Myles the utmost importance of what it takes mentally to achieve his goals on and off the court.

Coach Marcus, we appreciate that not only do you focus on helping Carson improve his fundamental skills, but you also instill a philosophy that he can take into the classroom and in life. No matter where basketball takes him, you're coaching methodology is top-notch!

Marcus has taught my son ball-handling, confidence, and just a lot more than just basketball. He cares about my son as a person, how he interacts with other kids, how he treats people, and just the "whole ball of wax." He's done a phenomenal job with Chase in helping him overcome his fears on the basketball court, and we are fortunate to have been able to have Marcus as a coach.

Our vision is to create generational impact by providing the most effective training regimens for young aspiring basketball players who desire to play high school & college basketball at the highest levels.

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